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toronto nail spa

Visit one of the best nail salons in North York, which you will find in Uptown spa. Experienced estheticians offer professional skin and nail care. The effect remains for a longer period in comparison to one from procedures conducted in a usual salon. You can find out the schedule of the necessary masters and make an appointment for best manicure in North York both via phone and online.

What services are provided in this nail salon in Ontario?

In Uptown spa you can not only decorate your nails, but also treat them, for example, after a prolonged period of wearing acrylic nails. Professional and skillful masters will also transform your hands and feet skin in the shortest possible time, gently and painlessly relieve it of the keratinized tissues and cuticles.
In Uptown, the Toronto nail spa, you can order:

  • Rejuvenation, treatment and restoration of damaged and weakened nails;
  • Hands and feet massage, in conjunction with following cosmetic procedures: aromatherapy, peeling, moisturizing, and others;
  • Classic or hardware manicure and pedicure with the build-up, design, shaping, strengthening of nails, etc.

A master of this nail salon in North York (Toronto) will explain you how each procedure is carried out, recommend what procedure is the best for your nails at the moment and, if necessary, will arrange a course of restoration of the nail plate and skin around.

How the best nail spa in North York is carried out?

Depending on the service you need in Ontario – express pedicure, manicure, spa procedures or other, the master will perform required procedures. If you want to get the best shellac manicure in North York or, for example, to heal your toenails, single out several hours for yourself. Usually the procedure is carried out in several stages:

  • Preparation of skin and nails for manicure/pedicure with the help of a salt bath;
  • Removal of the cuticle, as well as keratinized skin layers with the help of a scrub;
  • Deep chemical peeling – performed with the help of creams, which are based on hyaluronic and various fruit acids, as well as natural exfoliating elements (sugar, crushed peach stones, etc.); this step is optional, but recommended for treatment of fading or damaged (over dried) skin;
  • Paraffin therapy – required for skin softening, making it velvety, healing microcracks, smoothing wrinkles, etc.;
  • Massage – is carried out with the help of various oils, as well as moisturizing creams. It allows you to consolidate the result of previous manipulations, align skin color and relief;
  • Work with nails: shaping, applying varnish and/or strengthening essences.

Why it is worth to use Uptown spa services?

Spa is not only useful, but also very pleasant. This can be proved by the employees of this nail salon in North York (centre). All procedures in Uptown spa are carried out with the help of specialized equipment, sterile instruments, professional cosmetics made from natural ingredients. Thus, cheap nail salon in North York will give you several hours of pleasure and result, which you can be proud of and admire for a very long time.