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Are you looking for a way to remove body hair and facial hair without shaving? Book your electrolysis consultation for hair removal at Uptown Spa in Toronto. With the help of advanced electrolysis equipment, our professional estheticians can zap away your excess hair to leave your skin feeling smooth. From your eyebrows and upper lip down to your legs and toes, we can help you get that groomed appearance without shaving. After a series of electrolysis sessions, your skin could have that maintenance-free, hair-free look for good.

Women, men, and those undergoing gender reassignment may turn to electrolysis treatments to remove excess facial and body hair. Shaving is a form of depilation, and although it can temporarily remove hair, it only removes what is above the skin’s surface. This can mean hair grows back quickly, possibly thicker and denser, along with the skin irritation and inconvenience, not to mention unsightly stubble. For this reason, many clients choose epilation such as electrolysis for long-lasting hair removal, permanently reducing the number of visible hairs in a treated area. Electrolysis involves your electrology expert sliding a thin metal probe into each hair follicle without punctuating the skin itself. An advanced machine delivers a mild electrical current directly into the hair follicle, damaging the follicle and preventing it from regrowing hair. Your professional esthetician then removes the existing hair with tweezers to leave your skin looking smooth and hair-free. This minimally-invasive procedure may involve some discomfort, and you will need multiple treatments, but your visible hair in the treated area should gradually reduce to leave your skin looking smoother, longer.

Many believe electrolysis is the best way to remove facial hair because it destroys the hair follicle underneath the skin’s surface, unlike shaving, and it is suitable for all skin and hair types. Electrolysis can be an effective hair-removal method for your upper lip, leaving a woman’s skin looking more feminine, but it is also effective for your chin, sideburns, jawline, and other areas, and men may choose electrolysis for its convenience over daily shaving. Although electrolysis may not be suitable for inside the nose and ears, it does have an advantage over laser hair removal in that it can remove hair in the eye area, such as eyebrows and the bridge of the nose. Your skilled Uptown Spa esthetician can help you understand which areas of your face can be treated with electrolysis, and they can let you know about special discount packages available for multiple treatments.

Electrolysis is also an effective way to remove excess body hair, such as your back, legs, feet, underarms, breasts, abdomen, and pubic hair on your bikini line. Women can save the time and effort of regularly shaving their legs, and men can look more manscaped in their shorts or swimsuit. Electrolysis is considered by many to be the only permanent hair removal method. This method can even work on ingrown hairs because your electrology technician targets the hair right at the follicle. If you are sick of shaving, or if you want to clean up any excess hair leftover from laser hair removal, book your consultation for electrolysis at Uptown Spa.

Are skin tags a problem? The professionals at Uptown Spa can help with that too. Choose Vasculyse treatments to help rid yourself of those small pieces of excess skin that have formed on your neck or other areas of your body. The non-invasive Vasculyse treatments use a mild electrical current to painlessly zap away a skin tag, usually permanently. The treatment is also popular for spider veins, which are broken capillaries appearing as red lines on the legs or other areas; ruby points, which are small red dots on the skin; milia, which are bumps from clogged sweat glands that usually appear on the face; blotches, and other skin imperfections. In a quick, safe treatment that may only involve some mild tingling and discomfort, you can rid yourself of those annoying skin imperfections for a smoother appearance. Package discounts are available when you book your consultation with an Uptown Spa esthetician today.

To remove your excess body hair with electrolysis, visit Uptown Spa at 801 York Mills Road in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, located between Don Mills Road and Leslie Street in North York. From downtown Toronto and all across the greater Toronto area, our clients seek the best electrolysis in a relaxing spa setting. Book your electrolysis consultation online or phone us for more information including prices. Our busy spa cannot guarantee walk-in appointments will be available, so call today to schedule your electrolysis consultation or electrolysis session. Smooth, hair-free skin is in your future.

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