Face Wax

Brow $16
Lip or Chin $12
Full Face (no eyebrows) $40
Bundle of 5Price
Chin $48
Eyebrow $64
Lip $48
Face (not including eyebrows) $160
Sideburns $80

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Embarrassed by your unwanted facial hair? Book your appointment for face waxing at Uptown Spa in Toronto. This hair-removal method targets hair at the root for long-lasting results, letting you enjoy softer, smoother skin for weeks. As an alternative to shaving, wax can help gradually reduce hair growth on your upper lip, chin, sideburns, eyebrows, or your entire face. With the help of our expert estheticians, you can enjoy smooth skin free of facial hair with professional results.

Although shaving is a common method of depilation, it can cause nicks and skin irritation, plus it requires constant upkeep for skin to remain smooth. Although it may seem you just finished shaving, stubble returns again, and hair seems to grow faster and thicker the more you shave. For women, shaving your face can seem especially un-feminine, but there are other options. Epilation treatments such as waxing offer an alternative method of hair removal, pulling hair from below the skin, including the root. Because the root is gone, hair will not regrow as quickly, giving most people two to eight weeks without hair. Although waxing is not permanent hair removal, the more you wax, you may find your hair growing in lighter and thinner. Some believe waxing is the best way to remove facial hair, with longer-lasting results than shaving and lower prices per treatment than laser and electrolysis.

To remove facial hair, your esthetician will apply a special high-quality, warm wax to the desired area. This wax hardens to grip the hairs, so that when your esthetician removes the wax, it pulls the hair and root with it. Not only does facial hair disappear above the skin, but the root is also removed below the skin so regrowth will be delayed. This can give both women and men a smooth, hair-free face without stubble and razor nicks. Waxing is a popular choice for upper lip hair removal, but it can also be suitable for your chin, sideburns, eyebrows, and other areas of your face. Waxing may be an option for nose hair removal and ear hair removal, especially for men seeking manscaping as they approach middle age. Your Uptown Spa esthetician can give you more information about which areas of your face and body can be waxed, and discounted bundle prices are available for multiple treatments.

Waxing does not work for ingrown hair removal since the wax needs to grip the hair above the skin, but your esthetician can give you some tips to help prevent ingrown hairs and make your waxing more effective. These waxing tips may include exfoliating and moisturizing, using salicylic acid to clear pores, avoiding shaving, and waiting until hair growth is at least 0.3 cm before waxing. As an expert in their field, your Uptown Spa esthetician can not only take care of your facial hair but give you effective hair removal advice.

When it is time for your facial hair maintenance, visit Uptown Spa at 801 York Mills Road in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, west of Don Mills Road and east of Leslie Street in North York. From downtown Toronto and all across the greater Toronto area, our clients seek the best face waxing services in a beautiful spa setting. Book your face waxing appointment online or phone for more information including prices. Our busy spa cannot guarantee walk-in appointments will be available with one of our estheticians, so call today to schedule your face wax session. Softer, smoother facial skin is in your future.

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